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Sorry for the lack of updates I have been trying to get my cable and I have finally got it. If you did not already know the egn server crashed and everyone needs to register new numbers so when you have the chance post a message on the forum letting everyone know what your new egn number is. Also i'm moving practices to every Monday and Wednesday.



Hey guys well if you didn't know we dropped the XRGL and are for now excepting scrimages and challenge matches, untill we can build up our roster. Remember to let me know of any talent you find out there and send them to the page to fill out a form. That's it for now.



Our new in page chat is up the password for it is green, check it out, it also has a built in white board for sketches. Also if you didn't already know we have two practices this week Monday and Tuesday at 9est, try to atleast make one.



Our next practices are Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th at 8:30est try to make both or atleast one it is to prepare for our XRGL match on wednesday at 9:00est (maps Well, Torch2, Epicenter). Check the forums for details on the practices and match.



School sucks and mines starts tomorrow so wish me luck. Anyway haven't been much updates on the page all the news have been going into the forums. If you haven't heard we have joind a league it is called the XRGL (X-rated gaming league) for more information on rules and matches go to the private section. Also, just a reminder this thursday we have a scrimage against |nP| 8-10 est be in the rooms by atleast 7:45 so we can get *organized*.



Finally got the forum cleaned up seeing a lot more activity on it. The counter is back on the page good thing fast counter keeps track of hits even if it isn't on the page. Recruits roster updated, also. Well it looks like we will be scrimaging nP real soon they sent me an email I have to respond to before it happens.



We have a few scrimages coming up one against SF and one against nP, I'll update you a little closer to the date on who will be playing.



Got the forum linked up and the sign-up and challenge forms are activated. A few files and links are active also.



(( Welcome to the new Organized-Chaos version2.0 ))

Here's a little rundown on the updates. Well the forum will finally be updated and there will be a in page chat coming up. Also the new recruit list has moved to the members section. Right now i am working on the links, sign-up form, challenge form, and the private section.





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